Collection: Seasonal Bedding Plants

This section contains seasonal bedding plants available for sale/planting now. The plants in this section will change as the seasons move through the year. Most bedding plants are annual, meaning they are sown, grown and flower and die in one season
34 products
  • Primrose Mixed
  • Primrose Flame
  • Polyanthus Mixed
  • Polyanthus Wine
  • Polyanthus Blue
  • Polyanthus Orange
  • Polyanthus Yellow
  • Polyanthus Scarlet Pimpernel 1lt
  • Primrose Scentsation Rhubard & Custard 1lt
  • Polyanthus Fire Dragon 1lt
  • Primrose Mixed
  • Primrose Spring Skies
  • Primrose Fancy Bicolours
  • Primrose Cottage Mixed
  • Polyanthus Rose
  • Primrose Marietta 1lt